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Laboratory Safety Manual

Prepared by the OSU Environmental Health & Safety Department


To cover all basic aspects of safety in all laboratories on the campus of Oklahoma State University. Lab managers are encouraged to make a copy of this manual available to all lab personnel.

This manual has been designed to leave room to include lab-specific data for the benefit of lab personnel, particularly data for radiological, biological and laser labs.

>  Download 2012 version of Lab Safety Manual (1.1 MB)

Table of Contents

1.0   Emergency Response
Chemical Spills
Leaking Compressed Gas Cylinders
Medical Emergencies
Accident Reporting

2.0   General Safety
General Safety and Operational Rules
General Safety Equipment
Personal Protective Equipment
Compressed Gas Safety
Safety Practices for Disposal of Broken Glassware
Centrifuge Safety
Treated Biomedical Waste

3.0   Chemical Hygiene Plan
OSU Laboratory Chemical Safety Policy
OSU Hazardous Chemical Waste Disposal Policy
Chemical Safety
Chemical Waste

7.0   Administrative
Facility Design
Facility Testing and Maintenance

8.0   Standard & Special Operating Procedures
Standard Operating Procedures
Special Operating Procedures
Respiratory Protection Program
Substance-Specific Safety Procedures

9.0   Facility Data
Facility Description
Chemical Inventory List (CIL)
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Air Monitoring Data


A   Potential Peroxide-Forming Chemicals
B   Incompatible Chemicals
C   Potential Shock-Sensitive Chemicals
D   Neutralization of Spent Acids & Bases
E   Cleaning Solution for Laboratory Glassware
F   Decontamination & Destruction of Ethidium Bromide
G   How to Run a Regularly-Scheduled Health & Safety Meeting
H   Safety Survey Lists
 I   Sample Chemical Surplus Removal Request Forms
J   Cytotoxic/Antineoplastic Drugs
K   Cytotoxic/Antineoplastic Agents
L   Laboratory Environmental Audit
M   Management of Exposure to Hydrofluoric Acid (HF)


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