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Laboratory Safety Manual

Reviewed May 2012

Appendix C
Potential Shock-Sensitive Chemicals*

* From Manufacturing Chemists' Association, Guide for Safety in the Chemical Laboratory,
pages 215-217.

Acetylides of heavy metals Fulminate of silver
Aluminum ophorite explosive Fulminating gold
Amatol explosive (sodium amatol) Fulminating mercury
Ammonal Fulminating silver
Ammonium nitrate Fulminating platinum
Ammonium perchlorate Gelatinized nitrocellulose
Ammonium picrate Guanyl nitrosamino guanyl tetrazene
Ammonium salt lattice Guanyl nitrosamino guanylide hydrazine
Calcium nitrate Heavy metal azides
Copper Acetylide Hexanite
Cyanuric triazide Hexanitrodiphenylamine
Cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine Hexanitrostilbene
Cyclotetramethylenetranitramine Hexogen
Dinitroethyleneurea Hydrazoic acid
Dinitroglycerine Lead azide
Dinitrophenol Lead mannite
Dinitrophenolates Lead picrate
Dinitrophenyl hydrazine Lead salts
Dinitroresorcinol Lead styphnate
Dinitrotoluene Magnesium ophorite
Dipicryl sulfone Mannitol hexanitrate
Dipicrylamine Mercury oxalate
Erythritol tetranitrate Mercury tartrate
Fulminate of mercury Mononitrotoluene
Nitrated carbohydrate Silver styphnate
Nitrated glucoside Silver tetrazene
Nitrated polyhydric alcohol Sodatol
Nitrogen trichloride Sodium amatol
Nitrogen triiodide Sodium dinitro-ortho-cresolate
Nitroglycerin Sodium nitrate-potassium nitrate explosive mixtures
Nitroglycol Sodium picramate
Nitroguanidine Styphnic acid
Nitroparaffins Tetrazene (guanyl nitrosamino guanyl tetrazene)
Nitromethane Tetranitrocarbazole
Nitronium perchlorate Tetrytol
Nitrourea Trimethylolethane
Organic amine nitrates Trimonite
Organic nitramines Trinitroanisole
Organic peroxides Trinitrobenzene
Picramic acid Trinitrobenzoic acid
Picramide Trinitrocresol
Picratol explosive (ammonium picrate) Trinitro-meta-cresol
Picric acid Trinitronaphthalene
Picryl chloride Trinitrophenol
Picryl fluoride Trinitrophloroglucinol
Polynitro aliphatic compounds Trinitroresorcinol
Potassium nitroaminotetrazole Tritronal
Silver acetylide Urea nitrate
Silver azide  

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