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How To Stay in Compliance
With Laboratory Requirements



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The Laws

There are three main pieces of legislation that apply to laboratories at OSU: the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (also known as the "Right-to- Know" or "RTK" Standard), the OSHA Occupational Exposures to Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories Standard (often referred to simply as the "OSHA Lab Standard"), and Oklahoma's quarterly safety training requirement.

Federal OSHA
Hazard Communications Standard

Federal OSHA
Laboratory Safety Standard

State of Oklahoma
Quarterly Safety Training

(29 CFR 1910.1200)

(29 CFR 1910.1450)

(40 O.S. Section 403,
Section E

Applies to:
All OSU Employees

Applies to: Laboratories meeting any of the following four criteria:
1. Chemical manipulations are carried out on a laboratory scale.
2. Multiple chemical procedures or chemicals are used.
3. Protective laboratory practices and equipment are available and in common use.
4. The procedures involved are not part of a production process whose function is to produce commercial quantities of materials.

Applies to:
All OSU Employees

Requirements include:

Requirements include:

  • Chemical Hygiene Plans
    [more info]

  • Hazard Identification and Control Measures
    [more info]

  • Employee Exposure Determination
    [more info]

  • Medical Consultations and Examinations
    [more info]

  • Training (when beginning work in the lab)
    [more info]

Requirements include:

  • Designating an employee who shall coordinate all safety programs of the employer.

  • Providing safety classes to each type or class of employee no less than quarterly.
    [more info]

  • Cooperating with the Department of Labor.

OSU Contacts:

Steve Boles
Hazard Communication Coordinator
120 Physical Plant
(405) 744-3031


OSU Contacts:

Greg Fox
Environmental Hazards Coordinator
120 Physical Plant
(405) 744-7309

Jim Tucker
Radiological Safety Officer
224 Cordell North
(405) 744-7890
(for radiological issues)

OSU Contacts:

Greg Hogan
Safety Training Coordinator
120 Physical Plant
(405) 744-6537

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