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Safety Training Handouts and
Fact Sheets


We have compiled these information handouts to be used by Oklahoma State University employees for safety training.

All links with pdf files(pdf) will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access them.

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OSU employees may print one copy of any handout from the " Parlay International PDF Files" group, or any HTML file with "© Parlay International" printed on the bottom for their personal use.

All other handouts may be used freely by anyone.

Parlay International PDF Files
(These files are copyrighted by Parlay International.)

pdf filesAre You At Risk for CTS? (pdf)
pdf filesThe ABCs of Chemical Safety (pdf)
pdf filesBack Safety (pdf)
pdf filesBeyond the Right to Know (pdf)
pdf filesCarbon Monoxide and Your Forklift (pdf)
pdf filesChemical Spills and Leaks - Do You Know What to Do? (pdf)
pdf filesChoosing and Using Ladders (pdf)
pdf filesControlling Hazardous Energy: Lockout Tagout (pdf)
pdf filesDon't Get Caught: Machine Safety (pdf)
pdf filesDriving Your Forklift (pdf)
pdf filesErgonomic Solutions to "Backbreaking" Tasks (pdf)
pdf filesEye and Face Protection: Face Shields (pdf)
pdf filesEye and Face Protection: Safety Glasses (pdf)
pdf filesEye and Face Protection: Safety Goggles (pdf)
pdf filesEye and Face Protection: You Can See the Results (pdf)
pdf filesEye Protection Is Necessary (pdf)
pdf filesFalling Down on the Job Can Leave You Flat (pdf)
pdf filesFitting Fitness Into a Busy Day (pdf)
pdf filesGet to Know Your Skin (pdf)
pdf filesGiving Back Strains and Sprains the Slip (pdf)
pdf filesGround Fault Circuit Interrupters (pdf)
pdf filesHearing Protection: Earmuffs (pdf)
pdf filesHearing Protection: Earplugs (pdf)
pdf filesHearing Protection: How Hearing Works (pdf)
pdf filesHigh Speed Means High Risk (pdf)
pdf filesHow to Keep Your Job from Grinding to a Halt (pdf)
pdf filesIf You Work with Paint (pdf)
pdf filesIndoor Air Quality (pdf)
pdf filesIrreconcilable Differences - Storing Incompatible Chemicals (pdf)
pdf filesIt's Shocking: How Your Body Reacts to Electricity (pdf)
pdf filesKeeping the Lid on Flammable Liquids (pdf)
pdf filesKeep Your Hat On (hardhat) (pdf)
pdf filesLoading and Unloading Your Forklift (pdf)
pdf filesMachine Guards Protect You and Your Co-workers (pdf)
pdf filesOne More Time: Why You Should Wear Your Safety Belt (pdf)
pdf filesPay Attention to Chemical Warning Labels (pdf)
pdf filesPreventing the Big Bang: Reducing Explosion Hazards (pdf)
pdf filesProtect Yourself from Reproductive Disorders (pdf)
pdf filesProtect Yourself from Overhead Hazards
pdf filesProtective Clothing and Equipment (pdf)
pdf filesProtective Clothing and Equipment: Gloves (pdf)
pdf filesProtective Clothing and Equipment: Keep Your Hat On (pdf)
pdf filesMaintaining Your Respirator (pdf)
pdf filesRepetitive Motion Disorders (pdf)
pdf filesRespiratory Protection: Air-Purifying Respirators (pdf)
pdf filesRespiratory Protection: Checking the Fit (pdf)
pdf filesRespiratory Protection: Maintaining Your Respirator
pdf filesRespiratory Protection: Respirators Defend Your Lungs (pdf)
pdf filesRespiratory Protection: SCBAs (pdf)
pdf filesRespiratory Protection: Supplied Air Respirators (pdf)
pdf filesResponding to Chemical Burns (pdf)
pdf filesResponding to Electrical Emergencies (pdf)
pdf filesSafety Matters, Even in an Office (pdf)
pdf filesSave Your Skin (pdf)
pdf filesShiftwork Strategies (pdf)
pdf filesStanding on Your Own Two Feet (pdf)
pdf filesStaying on the Safe Side of Corrosives (pdf)
pdf filesStaying on the Safe Side of Dollies and Hand Trucks (pdf)
pdf filesStaying on the Safe Side of Explosives (pdf)
pdf filesStaying on the Safe Side of Oxidizers (pdf)
pdf filesStaying on the Safe Side of Solvents (pdf)
pdf filesTeam Up for Safety (pdf)
pdf filesTool Tips: Working Safely with Hand and Power Tools (pdf)
pdf filesWhat You Should Know About Radon (pdf)
pdf filesWhy Am I Always Tired? (pdf)
pdf filesWorking With Chemical Drums (pdf)

Other PDF Files

pdf filesAPWA Uniform Color Codes for Underground Markings
(& Physical Plant Excavation Procedures)
pdf filesBack Safety
pdf filesWorkplace Ergonomics
pdf filesFire Safety
pdf filesHalloween Safety Tips

HTML Files

Basic Scaffold Checklist
Candle Safety
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: An Inside View
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Another Source of Self Care
Dealing with Grief
Defining Ergonomics
Fire Evacuation Procedures
Getting Past Anger
Heat Stress
Hepatitis B
Holiday Safety
How to Handle Anthrax and Other Biological Agents
Laboratory Fire Safety
Lightning Safety
Permit-Required Confined Spaces
Potpourri Pot Safety
Proper Storage of Chemicals / Chemical Compatibility
Seat Belts: Why You Should Use Them
Tornado Warning Procedures
Toxic Effects of Carbon Monoxide
Trash Handling Procedures for Custodians
Tuberculosis Fact Sheet
You Can Prevent Eyestrain
Using Cleaning Products Safely
Winter Driving
What Is Asbestos?

Other Sources

4-Safety Tool Box Talks
Safety Meeting Outlines (Seabright Insurance)
Worksafe Bulletins
Ergonomic Training Handouts (Office-Ergo)
EPA Online Publications
OSHA Fact Sheets
CDC Fact Sheets: Health Topics A-Z
NIOSH Fact Sheets

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