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Online Safety Library

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Ergonomics Information (Collection from OSHA's SLC Technical Site)
Avoiding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Michigan State University)
Back Pain: A Patient's Guide (Medical Multimedia Group)
Backs: Avoiding a Painful Back (Univ Virginia EHS)
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (American Society for Surgery of the Hand)
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Balance Systems, Inc.)
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A Patient's Guide (Medic8)
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: An Inside View  (OSU EHS)
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Another Source of Self Care   (OSU EHS)
Computer Workstations (OSHA Technical Link)
Computer-Related Repetitive Strain Injury  (Univ Nebraska)
Computers and Eyestrain (All About Vision)
Computers and Eyestrain (by Larry Brickford O.D.)
Computers and Health (University of Medicine and Dentistry, New Jersey)
Computing, Ergonomics and Health (HCI International)
Cumulative Trauma Disorders: A Patient's Guide (Medical Multimedia Group)
Elements of an Ergonomics Program (NIOSH, includes several checklists)
Ergonomic Success Stories (OSHA)
Ergonomics (Collection from TIFAQ)
Ergonomics (Collection from Univ Virginia EHS)
Ergonomics (Collection from Univ Maryland)
Ergonomics: A Simple Definition (OSU EHS)
Ergonomics and Back Pain in the Workplace (Spine-Health.com)
Ergonomics Guidelines for Nursing Homes (OSHA)
Ergonomics for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders (OSHA)
Ergonomics for Writers (About.com)
Ergonomics at Work (US Dept. of Health & Human Services, DOHS)
Ergonomics 101 (Forensic Magazine)
Exercises and Stretches (National Institutes of Health)
Exercises May Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (The Health Pages)
Exercises to Alleviate Eye Strain (Vision Works)
Grocery Warehousing Ergonomics (OSHA)
Health Care (Great Collection of Ergonomic Health Care Articles from TIFAQ)
Healthy Computing (IBM)
How to Choose an Ergonomic Chair (Cornell)
How to Choose an Ergonomic Product (pdf file from Cornell)
How to Sit at a Computer (Ergonomics of Australia)
How to Stretch Out and Feel Better (Univ Virginia EHS)
Laboratory Ergonomics (University of Medicine & Dentistry, New Jersey)
Laboratory Ergonomics Tips ( pdf file from Stanford Univ.)
Laptop Ergonomics (Macworld)
Musicians and Injuries (Collection of info for musicians from UNL)
Occupational Overuse Syndrome (New Zealand OSH)
Ocular Tendonitis (Dr. David F. Sucher)
Office Ergonomics (Collection from F-One Ergonomics)
Office Ergonomics  (OSU EHS)
Personal Computer Workstation Checklist (UC Berkeley)
Reducing Eyestrain from Video and Computer Monitors (pdf) (Charles A Poynton)
Repetitive Strain Injuries (NYCOSH)
RSI Information Page (MIT)
Selecting New Office Furniture for Use with Desktop Computers (Univ. Penn.)
Survival Guide to Computer Workstations (Ohio State Univ)
The Ergonomics Rule (OSHA,  Dept. of Labor)
Tips for Enhancing the Office Environment (UWM)
Tips for Healthy Computer Use (UCBerkeley Ergonomics Program)
VDTs: How to Avoid a Painful Desk Job (Univ Virginia EHS)
OSHA Fact Sheet: Video Display Terminals  (OSU EHS)
Video Display Terminals (OSHA Technical Link)
Workplace Ergonomics (OSU EHS)
Workplace Ergonomics (Spine-Health.com)
Workplace Layout & Design (NOHSC)
You Can Do Something About Eye Strain  (OSU EHS)


CU ERGO (Cornell University Ergonomics Program)
Typing Injury FAQ
University of Nebraska-Lincoln RSI
University of California Ergonomics Program
University of Virginia Ergonomics and Training Homepage


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