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Online Safety Library

Online Safety Library

Articles and Information

NIH/CDC Manuals also available from:

Laboratory Biosafety Guidelines (MSU)
Laboratory Biosafety Guidelines (ABSA)

Other Online Manuals:

Biological Safety Manual & SOPs (OSU)
Biological Safety Manual (Auburn)
Biological Safety Manual (Univ Penn)
Biosafety Manual (MSU)
Biosafety Manual (Univ Arizona)
Biosafety Manual (TAMU)
Biosafety Manual (Univ Maryland)
Biosafety Manual (Univ Miss)
Biosafety Reference Manual (Princeton)


American Biological Safety Association
Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc.
Center for Disease Control
CDC's Emergency Preparedness and Response Page
Biological Safety Program (Univ. of Minn.)
National Institutes of Health
Office of Biosafety - LCDC (Health Canada)
Office of Radiation, Chemical & Biological Safety (Mich. State Univ.)
National Antimicrobial Information Network (EPA)
Institutional Biosafety Committee (OSU)
List of Biological Information on the Web (Harvard)


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