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Online Safety Library
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Articles and Information

10 Ways to Prevent Eye Injuries at Work (Prevent Blindness)
Age-related Macular Degeneration (National Eye Institute)
All About Eye Safety (4ursafety.com)
Anatomy of an Eye (How Stuff Works)
Auto Battery Safety (Prevent Blindness America)
Cataracts (National Eye Institute)
Choosing and Using Eye Protection (4ursafety)
Computer Eyestrain (American Academy of Ophthalmology)
Computer Vision Syndrome (About Alternative Medicine)
Contact Lenses and Cosmetics (American Optometric Association)
Contact Lenses in the Laboratory (ACS)
Dry Eye Syndrome (AllAboutVision)
The Eye (Collection from NOAH)
Eye Conditions and Diseases (All About Vision)
Eye Diseases (Collection from Vision Works, Inc.)
Eye Diseases (Collection from Karolinska Institutet)
Eye Health & Safety Information (Safety Source)
Eye Injury Prevention in Sports (Coalition to Prevent Sports Eye Injuries)
Eye Injuries (MedlinePlus)
The EyeCare Connection (by Larry Brickford O.D.)
OSHA Fact Sheet: Eye Protection in the Workplace   (Oklahoma State Univ.)
Eye Protection: Safety Glasses  (Oklahoma State Univ.)
Eye Safety (Collection from Prevent Blindness America)
Eye Safety (Vision Learning Center)
Eye Safety During Solar Eclipses (NASA)
Eye Safety for Children (eyeSmart)
Eye Safety in Emergency Response & Disaster Recovery (NIOSH)
Eyestrain: The Number One Complaint of Computer Users (Stretch Now)
Fireworks Eye Safety (Eye Doc News)
First Aid for Eye Emergencies (Prevent Blindness America)
Glaucoma (National Eye Institute)
Glaucoma (AllAboutVision)
Guidelines for the Use of Contact Lenses in Industrial Settings (AOA)
How to Be Prepared for Eye Emergencies (SETON)
Laser Safety and the Eye (DermWeb at UBC)
National Eye Institute Information (collection from NEI)
Ocular Conditions (EyeCare Optometry)
Ocular Tendonitis (Dr. David F. Sucher)
Online Eye Fitness Test (Optima)
Paintball and Eye Safety (Paintballdangers)
Potential Eye Disorders from UV Exposure (EPA)
Protective Eye Gear for Sports (Web MD)
Reducing Eyestrain from Video and Computer Monitors (Charles A Poynton)
Sports Eye Safety (Prevent Blindness America)
Vision/Eye Strain (Typing Injury FAQ)
When to See an Eye M.D. (American Academy of Ophthalmology)
Workplace Eye Safety (Prevent Blindness America)
Yard Work Can Be Hazardous to Your Eyes (Outdoor Power Equipment Institute)
You Can Do Something About Eye Strain  (Oklahoma State Univ.)


American Academy of Ophthalmology - EyeNet
National Eye Institute
AgingEye Times
American Academy of Optometry
American Optometric Association
Coalition to Prevent Sports Eye Injuries
Optometry and Vision Science Home Page
Prevent Blindness America


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