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Safety Training Resources

Safety Programs

Depending upon circumstances, starting a safety program may at first seem to be an almost overwhelming task. However, there are resources available that can help you develop and organize your program in such a way as to enhance its chances of success.

*The Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education has produced an excellent program entitled Safety and Health Initiative. This is part of a proven system that can help a company meet its safety training needs--from culture and strategic plan development--to implementation. According to the National Safety Council, companies that implement strategic safety plans can expect to see injury and illness rates reduced by 20% or more.

* OSHA offers Voluntary Protection Programs. These programs detail the elements that OSHA believes are necessary for a successful Safety and Health Program. This "formula" has been shown to be effective for a wide spectrum of businesses and industries. Also check out their Injury and Illness Prevention Programs.

*The OSHA Fact Sheet: Voluntary Safety and Health Program Management Guidelines hits the highlights of the standard.

*For those familiar with TPS (Training for Performance System), you might be interested in this paper: TPS - The Safety Manager's Tool for Meeting OSHA's Guidelines on Workplace Safety and Health Program Management.

Safety Training Resources

There are quite a few safety training resources out there if you know where to look. I've listed some of them here, especially those places that have free and/or high quality offerings.


*OSU's College of Engineering, Architecture & Technology offers Continuing Education programs to professionals who want to remain current in field-related technologies.  Major areas emphasized in non-credit programming include environmental, safety, health, hazardous materials management certification, industrial fire protection and loss control and many others.  Programs include courses from Fire Protection & Safety Technology, Chemical Engineering, Construction Management, Architecture, and other areas of the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology.

*The OSU Wellness Center offers a variety of wellness education classes.

*Human Resources offers training classes every semester, some of which deal with human resources development, leadership skills, time management, office safety, etc. For more information on these classes, contact HR Training Resources at 744-5374.

In Oklahoma:

*The Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education has a large number of safety training videos which may be available for training both public and private employees. For more information, call (405) 377-2000.

*The State Department of Labor may provide instructors to do classes (confined space entry, 1st response, ICS, hazard communication) for public employee groups of 30 or more. For more information, contact the D.O.L at (405) 528-1500.

*The State Risk Management Division of the Department of Central Services will contract instructors to provide free defensive driving classes for state employees who drive state vehicles. Preferred class size is between 20-30 people, with 30 max. Individuals who successfully pass this 7-hour course will receive a certificate that may be taken to their private insurance carrier in order to receive a discount. For more information or to schedule a class, contact Yancy Allen (405) 521-4846.

*The Oklahoma Safety Council routinely offers safety-related training classes at set locations (usually Oklahoma City or Tulsa) for a fee. Contact the Eastern Region Office at (918) 665-8272.


*The Transportation Safety Institute in Oklahoma City offers many classes on subjects from Aircraft Accident Investigation to Hazardous Materials Transport. This is an awesome resource.

*The National Safety Council offers a variety of training programs, usually for a fee.

*The Howard Hughes Medical Institute offers the manual "Training Scientists to Make the Right Moves" as part of its Lab Management Program. You may also order instructional material from their Online Catalog. For more information contact them by email or by writing to:

Howard Hughes Medical Institute
4000 Jones Bridge Road
Chevy Chase, MD 20815-6789

(The University of Guelph offers links to HHMI Training Videos. Titles include Emergency Response, Centrifugation Hazards, Glassware Washing Hazards, Chemical Storage Hazards, and others.)

*OSHA's Small Business Outreach Training Program has a wealth of information to assist small business conduct safety training. The site has everything from "Topic Discussions" to "Student Handouts" - all available online.

*OSHA's Directorate of Training and Education, which includes the Small Business Outreach Program, also includes a list of their regional training centers, information on training grants and loans, and other training assistance.

*The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has a variety of publications available if you're looking for information to use in your training.

*Find a Safety Trainer is a free website to assist businesses and individuals in finding workplace safety trainers and consultants across the U.S., sponsored by National Safety Compliance.

*The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has several online training programs they make available through their Office of Regulatory Affairs.


*All of our online training modules plus other sites.

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