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Oklahoma State University

Accidents & Injuries

It is very important that even minor job-related injuries or illnesses are reported. These statistics help Environmental Health and Safety track trends that may indicate occupational hazards that need evaluation.  If you need to report an illness or injury, use the Employee Injury Report form. This form must be completed by the employee and the supervisor for every injury or illness, regardless of whether medical attention is sought. 

Please note, if you are working with hazardous substances, chemicals or bloodborne pathogens, there are additional reporting requirements for any injuries or illnesses.  A Hazardous Substance Employee Exposure Report form and/or Sharps Injury Log must also be completed. 

A completed copy of the Employee Injury Report must be emailed to Human Resources and Environmental Health and Safety.  If the injury has been determined to be “Medical” by University Health Services, it must also be faxed to Broadspire at 1-800-245-9927.

The OSU Workers’ Compensation webpage also provides links to all required forms and information.
Students (not employed by OSU) and Visitors:  
If a student or visitor is involved in an incident or injured while at OSU, it must be reported to Risk & Property Management.
Near-Miss Reporting:
The Near-Miss Reporting System is a voluntary, confidential, non-punitive and secure reporting system. Near-Miss reports help to prevent potential injuries and to improve safety at OSU.  Any submitted reports will be reviewed by EHS staff. If desired, you may submit reports anonymously. As appropriate, near misses will be investigated to the extent possible with findings and any corrective actions being forwarded to appropriate departments.  The Near-Miss Form can be found here.
Emergency Safety Concerns:
Anything seen as an emergency safety issue(e.g., a missing manhole cover, an unguarded excavation hole, or something else that could cause serious injury) should be reported as soon as possible. Here is a list of numbers that can be called:
  • 405-744-7241 (EHS office, M-F, 8am-5pm)
  • 911 (Campus Police-if called from a campus phone)
  • 911 (City Police-if called from a cell phone)
  • 405-744-6523 (Campus Police, after office hours)
  • Call from a campus Blue Phone
Useful Links:

Human Resources: Workers' Compensation

Risk & Property Management: Risk & Property Management Forms