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Oklahoma State University

Chemical Odor Complaints

Environmental Health & Safety: (405) 744-7241
Facility Maintenance Action Desk: (405) 744-7154
OSU Police: (405) 744-6523

Emergency: 911

Reporting a chemical odor:

Oklahoma State University is dedicated to providing the safest and most productive workplace environment. OSU supports a myriad of functions that range from administrative and clerical duties, to animal care, research, and education. This combination of activities will sometimes bring about odor complaints.

Odors can come from many different sources.  The majority of indoor air quality complaints can be tied to the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, "HVAC" system. HVAC systems are designed primarily for controlling temperature, humidity, odor control, and air quality. If you suspect a HVAC problem call the Facility Maintenance Action Desk (405) 744-7154.

What to do:

Extremely strong and acutely irritating odors (life threatening), strong burning smells or visible smoke:

Leave the area at once and call: 911 or the OSU Police Department at: (405) 744-6523

Chemical, natural gas, electrical burning smells, and any other (non-life threatening) odors:

Call Environmental Health and Safety (405) 744-7241: Someone will come to the area with a meter to measure the oxygen content, carbon monoxide levels, methane levels, and hydrogen sulfide level. An attempt will be made to locate the source and coordinate an appropriate response.