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Oklahoma State University

Chemical Hygiene Plan

Every laboratory on campus is required to have a Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP), the key element of OSHA’s Laboratory Standard. It should be written to address the chemical hazards specifically associated with each laboratory in order to reduce employees’ exposure to hazardous chemicals. EHS can provide a template and assist with the creation of the CHP.

A CHP must include:  

  • Relevant standard operating procedures
  • Hazard analysis for determining the need for engineering controls and PPE
  • Equipment maintenance plans
  • A training program for the CHP and reference materials such as SDSs
  • Work that requires approval from the Principle Investigator (PI) before initiating
  • Name of the person designated as the laboratory Chemical Hygiene Officer (primarily the PI)
  • Provisions for any particularly hazardous substances

All PIs must review their CHP every year and update them anytime changes are needed. For more details and requirements please contact EHS and see the links below:


OSHA: CHP Fact Sheet

OSHA: Laboratory Standard