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Oklahoma State University

Construction Permit

Construction Permit

A construction permit is required for all new construction, alterations, renovations and additions to any University building or property. The Construction Permit shall be issued by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (or designee) upon review and acceptance of submitted construction plans and documents. Any changes to already approved construction documents must be approved by the AHJ (or designee) prior to their incorporation into the construction project.

Work shall not begin until the Construction Permit is approved.

The AHJ and designee shall examine or cause to be examined all applications for permits and amendments thereto within a reasonable time after filing.  If the application of the construction documents does not conform to the requirements of all pertinent codes and laws, the AHJ shall reject such application in writing stating the reasons therefore.  If the AHJ is satisfied that the proposed work conforms to the requirements of the applicable codes and laws, the AHJ shall issue a permit therefore as soon as practicable.

Expiration of Permit:  Any permit issued shall become invalid if the authorized work is not commenced within 30 days after issuance of the permit.

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