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Oklahoma State University

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University Health Services, Suite 002
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078

Administrative Personnel

Phone: 405.744.7241

Kim Southworth, Director

Vacant, Assistant Director

Sharlie Doty, Administrative Assistant

Jared Martin, Financial Assistant

Environmental Compliance Personnel

Phone: 405.744.3031

Jeff Schultz, Environmental Compliance Program Manager

Heather Bishop, Environmental Specialist I

John Russell, Environmental Specialist Il

Occupational and Construction Safety Personnel

Phone: 405.744.3017

Brad Enis, Occupational Safety Manager

Olayemi Odina, Occupational Safety Specialist

Greg Hogan, Safety Training Officer

Fire and Life Safety Personnel

Phone: 405.744.1700

Gerald Petre, University Fire Marshal

Cheryl Tillman, Fire & Life Safety Specialist

Randy Kelley, Fire & Life Safety Specialist

Lab and Research Safety Personnel

Phone: 405.744.7241

Vacant, Assistant Director

Brenda Sorenson, Chemical Hygiene Officer I

Janisue Coleman, Laboratory Safety Specialist

Anita Mjaaseth, Laboratory Safety Specialist