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Oklahoma State University

EHS Fact Sheets

Accident Investigation Fact Sheet    Hazcom SDS Fact Sheet
Aerial Lifts Fact sheet Heat Stress Fact Sheet
ANSI EW Fact Sheet    Hydrofluoric Acid Fact Sheet
ANSI SS Fact Sheet Laboratory Clutter Fact Sheet
Back Safety Fact Sheet   Latex Allergy Fact Sheet
Chemical Segregation Fact Sheet                 LOTO Fact Sheet  
Cold Stress Fact Sheet                     Machine Guarding Fact Sheet  
Compressed Gas         
Cylinders Fact Sheet  OSU Quarterly Training Requirements Fact Sheet
Confined Spaces Fact Sheet     Oxidizers Fact Sheet
Corrosive Material Fact Sheet   Perchloric Acid Fact Sheet
Daisy Chaining Fact Sheet     Peroxide Former Fact Sheet   
Extension Cord & Surge Protectors Fact Sheet       Phenol Fact Sheet
Extension Ladder Fact Sheet         Platform Ladder Fact Sheet
Eye Protection Fact Sheet     Power Hand tools Fact Sheet
Eyewash and Safety Shower Fact Sheet          Pressure Vessel Fact Sheet
Flammable Liquid Storage in a Lab Fact Sheet       Proper Management of Used Lamps Fact Sheet
Flammable Liquid Storage in Refrigerator or Freezer Fact Sheet        

 Fire Safety Fact Sheet        

Saw Safety Fact Sheet
Formaldehyde Fact Sheet Scaffolding Fact Sheet
Fume Hood Fact Sheet Slip Trip and Fall Fact Sheet
General Fall Protection Fact Sheet    
General Lab Safety Fact Sheet    Workers Comp Paperwork Fact Sheet
Hand Tools Fact Sheet  Vacuum Safety Fact Sheet   
Harness and Lanyard Inspection Fact Sheet Workplace Violence Fact Sheet
Hazcom Labeling Fact Sheet