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Oklahoma State University

EHS COVID-19 Weekly Tip

Weekly Tip 1: Face Coverings in the Workplace

Weekly Tip 2: Feeling Sick

Weekly Tip 3: Mask Washing

Weekly Tip 4: How to Reduce the Spread

Weekly Tip 5: Prevention Tips

Weekly Tip 6: Cleaning vs. Disinfecting

Weekly Tip 7: Hand Washing 

Weekly Tip 8: FM and ABM Cleaning Procedures

Weekly Tip 9: COVID-19 Face Covering Tips

Weekly Tip 10: Coronavirus Safety Tips for Everyone

Weekly Tip 11: Train Workers on Safely Wearing Cloth Face Coverings 

Weekly Tip 12: Wear Disposable Gloves While Disinfecting Vehicle Interiors

Weekly Tip 13: 5 Back to School Safety Tips During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Weekly Tip 14: Going to College During COVID-19: TIps for College Students and Their Parents

Weekly Tip 15: Read and Follow Labels on Containers of Cleaning Chemicals

Weekly Tip 16: Washng Laundry During COVID-19

Weekly Tip 17: How To Select A Mask

Weekly Tip 18: Train Employees With Safety and Health Responsibilities 

Weekly Tip 19: Use Healthy Practices to Protect Yourself

Weekly Tip 20: Staying Safe During Flu Season

Weekly Tip 21: Clean Vehicles Shared Among Drivers or Riders

Weekly Tip 22: Ways To Help You Manage Stress During This Challenging Time

Weekly Tip 23: Holiday Celebrations and Small Gatherings

Weekly Tip 24: How To Protect Yourself and Others

Weekly Tip 25: Tips For Coping With COVID-19

Weekly Tip 26: What To Expect At Your Appointment To Get Vaccinated For COVID-19

Weekly Tip 27: How To Prevent The Spread Of COVID If You Are Sick

Weekly Tip 28: Wear A Mask AND Continue To Social Distance

Weekly Tip 29: COVID-19 Guidance on Ventilation In The Workplace