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Oklahoma State University

Hazard Communication

OSU employees have the right to a safe workplace, and have the right to know:

  • The identity of any hazardous chemicals or biological substances that an employee may use or have exposure.
  • The hazardous effects of these substances.
  • The precautions to observe when handling these substances.
  • The procedures to follow when emergency medical treatment is needed in the event of overexposure.

The OSU Hazard Communication program is designed to transmit vital information to employees about real and potential hazards in the workplace. In particular, hazard communications include providing inventories of hazardous substances in the workplace, providing safety information for hazardous substances, proper labeling of hazardous substances, and workplace related training on hazards and hazard emergency response. 

All employees should have general Hazard Communication knowledge for working at OSU. However, the Hazard Communication Program directly affects all employees working in areas that store and/or use hazardous substances.


All University work areas that use or store hazardous substances must implement a Hazard Communication Program.

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