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Oklahoma State University

Laboratory Decommissioning

A Messy Lab

Decommissioning will return a laboratory to a move-in ready state for the next occupant, and should occur for laboratories that are being closed or moved.  General guidance for laboratory decommissioning is listed below. However, departments are encouraged to have their own specific policies. In addition, failure to identify all waste streams for disposal may incur direct cost to the department.

  • The PI will coordinate the removal of laboratory equipment and supplies. Facility Management should be notified of any needed repairs.
  • Chemicals will be separated into surplus and disposal. Surplus chemicals are any in-date chemical that could be reused within a department or university. Disposal chemicals will be routed through EHS Material Management using procedures outlined in Section 6.6.
  • PIs are responsible to identify unknown chemicals before disposal. Disposal of unknown chemicals may result in direct cost to the department.
  • Online chemical inventory lists will be updated for transferred and disposed chemicals.  If a PI is leaving OSU, please contact EHS to remove the PI from the online inventory list.
  • Disposal of all hazardous waste will be routed through EHS Material Management following procedures outlined in Section 6.6. Avoid disposing of unknown chemicals, which may incur direct cost to the department.  Please contact EHS regarding any waste-related questions.
  • The decommissioned laboratory will be decontaminated (if required) and cleaned.
  • Removal of engineering controls that affect laboratory ventilation (e.g. fume hoods) must be coordinated with Facility Management to ensure proper room ventilation.
  • For laboratories that use biological agents or radioactive substances, please coordinate decommissioning with the Biological Safety Officer and Radiation Safety Officer.