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Environmental Health And Safety

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Meet the team

Laboratory Safety
Works closely with academic, research, and campus support organizations to ensure the safest laboratory workplaces possible.

Occupational Health

Learn more about our efforts to protect OSU employees

Bloodborne Pathogens

EHS provides Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP) training for those who are exposed to blood and other body fluids in the workplace.

OHSP Biological Safety

Access Biological Safety information from the Occupational Health and Safety Program.

OHSP Animal Contact

Access Animal Contact information from the Occupational Health and Safety Program.

Industrial Hygiene


Is applied science of equipment design for the workplace.

  • Intended to maximize productivity by reducing fatigue and discomfort
  • EHS offers ergonomic training for OSU employees

Indoor Air Quality and Mold

Issues can be hard to identify due to a variety of potential sources.

  • Several factors can affect the indoor air quality, including volatile organic compounds and a lack of adequate air flow.
  • For those who suspect poor indoor air quality, EHS can facilitate an evaluation, collect samples, and make recommendations.

Heat Stress

Symptoms should be taken seriously and monitored closely.

  • The measurement of a hot environment involves more than just measuring the ambient air temperature. 
  • EHS recommends training on how to recognize and prevent the early signs of heat stress for employees who are at risk.
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