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Oklahoma State University


Laboratory safety training is important to ensure employees understand safe practices and procedures while working in a laboratory.  Safety training includes Hazard Communication, Laboratory Safety, Hazardous Waste, PPE, and laboratory specific hazards and procedures.  Proof of employee training is required to ensure regulatory compliance. Departmentsare responsible for recording and retaining results/certifications for every current laboratory employee.

General Training

EHS provides a host of training classes that addresses life, laboratory, and occupational safety.  Please check our website for training course offered.  For laboratory safety, EHS provides required general laboratory safety training, which includes:

  • Laboratory Safety
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Hazard Communications
  • Personal Protective Equipmentin Laboratory
  • Specific needs such as Respiratory Protection and Bloodborne Pathogens
  • For Radiation and Biological Safety, please contact the University Research Compliance office.


Laboratory Specific Training

Though EHS provides general laboratory safety training, laboratory employees must also have laboratory specific training that addresses hazards in their specific workplace. PIs/laboratory managers are responsible for ensuring that their employees have the following laboratory specific training.

  • Operation of relevant SOPs
  • Laboratory specific hazards
  • Locations of laboratory safety equipment
  • Location of the chemical inventory list and SDS
  • Emergency and evacuation procedures
  • Laboratory specific waste disposal