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Oklahoma State University

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment
Personal protective equipment including laboratory coats, eye protection, gloves, respirators, etc. (appropriate for the hazards present) will be worn during laboratory operations. The PI/Laboratory Supervisor may need to perform a Laboratory Hazard Analysis for the proper PPE selection. The PI/Laboratory Supervisor is also responsible for subsequent proper PPE usage and maintenance:
  • All personnel will be informed of PPE requirements and trained in the proper use.
  • All PPE will be regularly checked for integrity and maintained in clean and functional order.
  • PPE will be readily available for use at all times in a location known to laboratory employees.
  • OSU EHS suggests using flame resistant lab coats and clothing when using flammable, pyrophoric or other reactive hazardous chemicals.
  • If possible, respirator use should be avoided. Engineering controls (fume hoods, etc.) should be utilized to minimize exposure. If OSHA PELs are being exceeded, then respirators will be required. Respirator use will be consistent with the Oklahoma State University’s Respiratory Protection Program. Before using respirators, contact EHS about the respiratory protection program.
  • Eye protection will be worn at all times by employees and students in laboratories: 
o Where hazardous chemicals are used or stored.
o Where a significant potential for eye injury exists.