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Oklahoma State University

Sharps Waste

Sharps are items capable of puncturing, cutting, or abrading the skin such as glass or plastic pipettes, broken glass, test tubes, petri dishes, razor blades, needles, and syringes with needles. Sharps waste contaminated with hazardous chemicals must be placed into puncture resistant containers (e.g., sharps container, glass or plastic container with lid) and properly labeled. All contaminated sharps waste need to be autoclaved prior to disposal. All chemically contaminated waste should be inventoried on a Request for Chemical Removal form and sent to EHS for proper disposal.

Clean uncontaminated broken glassware and plastic sharps should be placed in a corrugated cardboard box or other strong disposable container. Do not exceed 20 pounds. When ready for disposal, the box should be taped shut and prominently labeled as “Sharp Objects/Glass Discard” or similar wording. Do not place sharps, broken glass or similar items in the Recycle Dumpsters. The Recycle Dumpsters items are hand sorted.