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Oklahoma State University

Fire and Life Safety Building Reviews

A Fire and Life Safety Building Review is a proactive fire prevention program to ensure the safety of students, faculty, staff, and visitors on Oklahoma State University’s Stillwater campus.

This will be attained through a comprehensive effort of fire and life safety education, building reviews, and oversight of all maintenance performed on fire and life safety systems installed in all Stillwater campus facilities.

The Fire and Life Safety Building Review will evaluate public areas including hallways, stairwells, conference rooms, classrooms, storage areas, and mechanical rooms. The reviewer looks for unsafe practices and conditions related to fire and life safety codes that may contribute to a fire or deter from effective evacuation of a building in case of an emergency.

Reviews are conducted on a scheduled frequency based on building’s assigned occupancy classification.  A building review can be conducted by request or in response to a safety concern or complaint.  In response to a written or verbal safety concern or complaint, the building will receive a Fire and Life Safety Building Review within three business days after the receipt of the complaint.

Common concerns that are evaluated during a review are:

  • Unapproved storage in hallways and stairways.
  • Blocked emergency exits.
  • Fire doors that are propped open or do not operate properly.
  • Permanent use of extension cords.
  • Non-operational exit signs and emergency lighting.


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