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Environmental Health And Safety

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Meet the team

Fire and Life Safety
The mission is to provide a proactive fire prevention program to ensure the safety of Oklahoma State University students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Campus Safety

Homecoming, Tailgating, Dorm Safety
From regular campus events to Homecoming Walkaround, the safety of students, staff, alumni, and visitors is our top priority.

Fire Safety

Fire Drills

Are conducted with all applicable codes to ensure the safety of building occupants

  • Drills are conducted twice a year in all residence halls
  • Drills for other campus buildings are conducted as required by code or by request
  • In the event of a fire drill, remain out of the building until directed to reoccupy

Fire Protection Systems

Include fire alarms and fire suppression systems

  • Must meet all applicable codes as set forth by OSU and the University Fire Marshal
  • Take care to eliminate unintentional action of fire protection systems
  • Contact OSU Facilities Management for maintenance and repair of these systems

Open Flame Safety

Includes open burning, grilling, and hot work

  • Use of open flames on university properly requires a permit
  • Permit application must be submitted at least 10 working days prior to the event
  • Use of candles is not allowed on campus

Safety Equipment 

The Fire and Life Safety team is responsible for monthly and yearly safety equipment checks across campus and on university property.

Campus Construction

Construction Codes and Policies

Any and all construction on campus must be designed and completed according to appropriate codes and standards.

Construction Permit

A construction permit is required for new alterations, renovations, and additions to any university building.

Hot Work Permit

Before welding, cutting, soldering, or other hot work begins, a hot work permit must be issued.

Request for Occupancy

A request for occupancy is required at the completion of any construction work on campus.

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