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Temporary Structures

A Temporary Structure Permit is issued to anyone setting up a non-permanent structure or equipment on campus such as a tent, stage, or platform that will be used for less than 180 days.


Any tent greater than 400 square feet in size or that will have more than 50 occupants will require a Temporary Structure Permit.


Tents that are less than 400 square feet in size or that will have less than 50 occupants require adherence to the manufacturer's recommendations regarding setup, anchoring or ballasting.  


The Event Coordinator for the occasion requiring temporary structures must obtain permission for the use of campus space and have an approved Event Permit Application prior to submitting the Temporary Structure Permit Application. The application for use of temporary structures must be submitted no later than 15 days prior to the event for tents and 10 days prior to the event for stages and platforms to allow for review and approval.


A complete Temporary Structure Permit Application should include:

  • Oklahoma State University campus map indicating the location of the event
  • Detailed site plan, including method of tie-down and/or anchorage and location of surrounding buildings or structures
  • For tents with sidewalls and occupancy expectations of 50 or more people, a detailed floor plan with egresses and exits shown is required along with furniture and equipment arrangements
  • Certificate of flame resistance (for tents over 400 square feet only)
  • Submission of a Locate Request to OKIE by calling 811 or by visiting the OKIE website
  • Submission of a request through Facilities Management Customer portal to have utilities located and marked (for tents that require stakes stakes only)
  • Submission of a completed application to EHS via

If the application is approved, a permit will be issued to the Event Coordinator. Additional information can be found in the Temporary Structure Permit Guide, linked below. 



Temporary Structure Permit Guide

Temporary Structure Permit Application

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