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Oklahoma State University

Construction Codes and Policy

All construction, renovation and remodeling of any structure owned or operated by Oklahoma State University shall be designed and constructed according to all state-wide adopted codes/standards and shall be in accordance with OSU Policies and Procedures. All construction, renovation and remodeling projects must be routed through Facilities Management Construction and Contract Support Services or Long Range Facilities Planning in accordance with OSU Policy 1-0109 Excavation, Alterations, Renovations and additions to Facilities.

Adopted Codes and Standards

The International Building Code, International Fire Code, NFPA codes, and other applicable codes are referenced on the Oklahoma Uniform Building Code Commission website.

Applicable Standards

University Fire Marshal Standards can be found listed under the Fire Protection web page.

Any fire protection and Life Safety systems to be installed in a University building shall be approved by the Oklahoma State University Fire Marshal.