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Oklahoma State University

Emergency Chemical Spill Procedures

Emergency chemical spills are generally defined as greater than 1 liter, involve a highly toxic or reactive compound, present an immediate fire or environmental hazard, or require additional PPE (e.g., respirator) and specialized training to properly cleanup. The following procedures should be followed in the event of an emergency chemical spill:

  1. Cease all activities and immediately evacuate the affected area (make sure that all personnel in the area are aware of the spill and also evacuate).

  2. If chemical exposure has occurred to the skin or eyes, the affected personnel should be taken to the nearest safety shower and eyewash station.

  3. Dial 911, which will initiate both the OSU Police and Stillwater Fire Department response, if the situation is, or could become an emergency (i.e., chemical exposure has occurred, a fire or explosion has occurred).

  4. The fire alarm should be pulled, which will initiate building evacuation, if any of the following occurs.

    • A fire and/or explosion has occurred (or there is a threat of fire and/or explosion.

    • The large spill (which is either highly toxic or presents an immediate fire or environmental hazard) is in a public area such as a hallway.

    • Toxic vapors are leaving the area where the spill has occurred, such as seeping from the laboratory into the hallway or neighboring rooms.

    • You are unsure of the hazards and feel that the spill could be harmful to building occupants.

  5. Ensure that no one else is allowed to enter the area until the spill has been properly cleaned up by the Stillwater Fire Department