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Chemical Spill Kits

Each area where hazardous chemicals are stored should have a spill response kit available for use. Spill kits can either be purchased from a vendor or created by area personnel. EHS also offers spill kits by request and at no extra charge. Each kit should be equipped to handle small spills of the most common hazards in the particular area.


The kit should be equipped with response and cleanup materials such as: 

  • Absorbent materials such as pads, booms, oil dry or kitty litter, or pillows
  • Neutralizing agents like Neutrasorb for acids and/or bases 
  • Containers such as drums, buckets, and/or bags to contain the spilled material and debris generated during the cleanup process
  • Personal protective equipment such as chemical-resistant gloves, safety glasses or goggles, lab coat or apron, and chemical-resistant booties
  • Caution tape or some other means to warn passers-by of the spill
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