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Environmental Health And Safety

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Chemical Disposal

Hazardous waste poses a potential threat to public health and the environment and is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Environmental Health and Safety provides training and guidance for Oklahoma State University employees who manage hazardous waste. 



  • Many chemicals are considered hazardous waste when they are disposed.
  • Hazardous waste must be managed and disposed of in accordance with state and EPA regulations.
  • DO NOT pour chemical waste down sinks or in drains.
  • Each laboratory and generator of hazardous waste has a collection of containers for waste, known as Satellite Accumulation Containers. Do not put incompatible material in the same container and always make sure the container is closed if not in use.
  • When the container is nearing full, fill out a request for Chemical and Material Removal Request, linked below.
  • In the event of a chemical spill or release, call the Environmental Health and Safety department at (405) 744-7241.


Instructions for Chemical and Material Removal Request:

  • Generator Information:
    • The responsible faculty/staff member is the person who is in charge of the laboratory/maintenance site.
    • The contact person is who reaches out to EHS about removing the chemicals.
  • Identification/Description of the Chemicals:
    • List all components and their respective percentages. Do not use chemical symbols or abbreviations.
    • List physical state and pH, if applicable (pH paper is adequate).
    • List number and type of containers.
    • List weight or volume for liquids.
    • List any hazards associated with this material such as flammable, oxidizer, organic oxidizer, poison, corrosive, water-reactive, pyrophoric, mutagen/teratogen, carcinogen, shock-sensitive, etc.

Other Information

The chemicals must be prepared for pickup before sending this form to EHS. The requests will be processed as they arrive. Chemicals that are improperly packaged, labeled, or identified will not be picked up. Pickup can be expected within two weeks of submission. This form must be filled out as completely, specifically, and legibly as possible. Please print or type. Improperly, inadequately or illegibly prepared forms will be returned for completion or clarification. 



Chemical and Material Removal Request

Satellite Accumulation Containers


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