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Oklahoma State University

Fire Drills

Fire drills are conducted in accordance with all applicable codes and as required to ensure that occupants of University buildings are knowledgeable of evacuation procedures and escape routes from their living and work spaces.

Residential Life

Fire drills are conducted twice a year in all residence halls. The drills will be conducted within the first 14 days after the start of each semester. All residents must leave the building when the drill begins.  If residents do not evacuate a hall in a reasonable amount of time, the drill is repeated until Environmental Health and Safety personnel are satisfied with the required time to evacuate. All repeat drills will be unannounced.

University Buildings

Fire drills for all other campus buildings will be conducted as required by code or by written request by the building's occupants.

Fire Alarm Procedures

  • When a fire alarm sounds, you should leave the building immediately – do not assume it is an alarm test (unless a test has been announced) or a false alarm. All fire alarms should be treated as they are real until told otherwise by Stillwater Fire Department, OSU PD or EHS personnel.
  • Do not use elevators.
  • Close all doors to help control or prevent the spread of fire and smoke.
  • Help others that require additional assistance if this can be done safely.
  • Move to designated assembly areas to ensure all occupants have exited the building, notify others if anyone needing assistance is still inside the building.

All building occupants shall remain out of the building until directed to reoccupy the building by Stillwater Fire Department, OSU PD or EHS personnel.


Useful Links:

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