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Oklahoma State University

Food Truck Safety Guidelines

To safeguard the Oklahoma State University community from the risk of fire or explosions associated with the use of mobile vending operations, food trucks or trailers, the following requirements and operating procedures shall be followed.

To assist in the planning for bringing a mobile vendor, food truck or trailer on campus, Environmental Health and Safety provides the following checklist:

1. The campus department or student organization must obtain the following approved permits:

  1. University Dining Services Food Waiver Application
  2. Event Permit Application

2. To be determined a suitable location, the location must meet the following requirements:

  1. No trucks are permitted to set up within ten feet (10’) of a building at any time.
  2. If multiple trucks and trailers are used, they must be separated from one another by a minimum of ten feet (10').
  3. Trucks shall not obstruct fire lanes, fire hydrants, fire department connections or required egress paths, sidewalks or crosswalks.

3. Event organizers must submit all paperwork at least two weeks in advance of the event.

4. A food truck safety review shall be completed before the food truck(s) or trailer(s) can start preparing food. A copy of the Food Truck Safety Checklist can be found here.

Additional food truck safety information can be found in the following documents: NFPA Food Truck Safety Fact Sheet and DOT Food Truck Cylinder Flyer.

Please feel free to contact the University Fire Marshal at (405)744-1700 if you have questions or need additional information.


Useful Links:

DOT: Food Truck Cylinder Flyer

EHS: Food Truck Safety Checklist

NFPA: Food Truck Fact Sheet