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Oklahoma State University

Mission Statement

The mission of the OSU Environmental Health & Safety Department is to promote health, safety, and environmental protection by providing exemplary programs and services in support of OSU's mission; to support and facilitate OSU's mission to educate through teaching, research, creative activity and service; provide expertise, programs and resources to maintain regulatory compliance; and protect OSU's infrastructure from all types of hazards through a comprehensive risk-based emergency preparedness program.


In support of this mission, EHS is committed to:

  • Be a department comprised of individuals committed to our mission and values, and the application for the highest professional practices and standards.

  • Evaluate the status of and oversee the compliance of health, safety, and environmental standards, codes, and regulations through inspections and monitoring.

  • Cooperate with academic and administrative units to identify health, safety, and environmental hazards or noncompliance and assist in resolving those issues through education, monitoring, and problem solving.

  • Develop and implement new programs to assure the University remains compliant with regulations and industry standards.

  • Maintain necessary documentation to demonstrate regulatory compliance and responsible actions in health, safety, and environmental activities.

  • Provide training in health, safety and environmental matters.

  • Demonstrate sound fiscal responsibility and management of budgetary resources.

Core Values

Service – We are a service-oriented department committed to professionalism through friendly and helpful interactions.

Quality – We strive to provide quality and timely service.

Knowledge – We seek to continually expand our knowledge in order to provide accurate and relevant information.