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Environmental Health And Safety

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In-House Construction

In-House Construction (IHC) is part of the Construction and Contract Services Program. Their work varies depending on the customer’s needs, which can consist of installing outlets in classrooms, installing walls for new office spaces, painting, or renovating entire classrooms or dorms. EHS has partnered with IHC to ensure that the employees on the IHC team use safe work practices and follow all applicable OSHA regulations. To ensure safe work practices, Environmental Health and Safety provides safety training for the IHC employees and all Oklahoma State employees. The IHC project manager must submit a construction permit to the University Fire Marshal for all new alterations, renovations, and additions to any university building or property. Once the permit has been submitted, EHS will review the permit and will visit the construction site periodically to ensure that the construction permit is being followed until work is completed.



Construction Permit

In-House Construction Checklist

In-House Construction Manual

Site Specific Safety Plan Template


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