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Professional Development Achievements

Ambassador Program

Staff members play a critical role in their positions at OSU, often being the first point of contact for students or patrons in need of assistance. The OSU Ambassador Program was developed to enhance the knowledge and skills of staff members who play an important role as representatives of the university and its departments. Participants are required to complete six core courses and 10 elective courses within two years, the completion of which shows admirable efforts to continue learning and improving their skills. Below is a list of EHS staff members who have completed the program.


  • Greg Hogan, completed in 2010
  • John Russell, completed in 2020
  • Val Freeman, completed in 2021
  • Cheryl Tillman, completed in 2022
  • Alex Christy, completed in 2023
  • Shanda Judge, completed in 2023
  • Hank Mayes, completed in 2024
  • Abe Blackburn, completed in 2024


Leadership Development Program

The Leadership Development Program exists to encourage and instill effective and skillful leadership in OSU staff members. Participants add to their department's organizational success by completing requirements that teach both foundational principles and best practices, making them more thoughtful and skilled leaders. Participants are required to complete two core courses and 20 elective courses within three years. Below is a list of EHS staff members who have completed the program.


  • Greg Hogan, completed in 2016
  • Kim Southworth, completed in 2017
  • Jerry Petre, completed in 2018
  • Val Freeman, completed in 2022


Advanced Leadership Development Program

Participants who completed the Leadership Development Program are eligible to further their skills through the Advanced Leadership Development Program, which includes a calendar year's worth of classes and new material.

  • Kim Southworth, 2018-2023
  • Jerry Petre, 2019-2023
  • Greg Hogan, 2022-2023
  • Val Freeman, 2023

Supervisory Academy Recipients

  • Jerry Petre, completed in March 2017
  • Val Freeman, completed in May 2021


Manager Series Recipients

  • Kim Southworth, completed in March 2021


STAR Award

Recipients of the STARS award are recognized for being exemplary employees and exceeding the expectations of their positions. Winners are nominated by supervisors or coworkers who have taken note of their achievements and wish to honor them as excellent representatives of OSU. Below is a list of EHS staff members who have received this award.

  • Kim Southworth, June 2021
  • Jerry Petre, July 2021
  • Val Freeman, August 2021
  • Alex Christy, January 2022
  • Shanda Judge, December 2022
  • Abe Blackburn, February 2023
  • Greg Hogan, September 2023


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