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Oklahoma State University

Visitor Policy

Access to University laboratories, workshops, and other areas housing hazardous chemicals, physical agents, and/or machinery is limited to trained and authorized OSU employees. Prior to entry, it is the responsibility of the host to contact department or facility responsible individuals. The host must ensure that those entering any of these areas are adequately protected from hazards and are informed about the safety and emergency procedures relevant to their activities.

Minors (children under the age of 18) are not permitted in hazardous work areas with the exception of University or department sanctioned tours and visits as defined by University policies. In these instances, the tour leader or other knowledgeable personnel must exercise careful supervision. Minors are never authorized to use radioactive materials and/or x-rays. Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) should be consulted before tours of such laboratories by minors. This policy does not apply to minors who are enrolled as OSU students.

Exceptions to the foregoing must be approved by appropriate college and University officials, and must be documented by written agreements such as a Memorandum of Agreement or a Sponsored Research Agreement that is signed by an authorized University official. Exceptions include cooperative use of University facilities and equipment by University and corporate researchers, or use of University facilities and equipment by visiting scholars.

If visitors will be performing laboratory work or working within a laboratory space, they must receive required laboratory safety and departmental training prior to starting.